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Web services

Web services are corporate applications based on web technologies, open XML standards and protocols for data exchange with client applications. J2EE platforms from Sun Microsystems and .Net from Microsoft provide interfaces and tools required for creating and implementing of compatible web services and clients. Using of web services is the best choice for big information portals that enables client access regardless of the platform used.

Web services are often the best choice for integration of various applications interacting within a corporate network.

Axamit team has a substantial experience in web services development through different integration projects. We are ready to apply our expertise to find an optimal solution for your business.

Web components

Web component creation and usage are based on the idea of module client applications. An application may consist of one or more web components integrated through standardized interaction interfaces.

The functionality and communication between web components are based on open web standards. We provide web components development services that will allow expanding the functionality of your business solutions.

The most important advantages of web components developed by Axamit specialists are the following:

  • No much experience required for their installation and setup
  • They can be easily adapted to existing design
  • They are easily integrated with existing web projects
  • They can be re-used in similar projects