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Axamit works with its customers using a virtual project team model. That model ensures a deep integration of our IT professionals with business processes of our customer. Thus, our team becomes part of our customer’s own team.

Our work is based on the latest project management methodologies. All processes in our company are clearly defined to control projects at any stage of their development.

Axamit team can start working from scratch or join the process at any stage: from designing and development to testing and technical support.

Nowadays, the majority of customers prefer to use the Agile approach that proved to be effective for development. This methodology provides iterative development and opportunities to assess the results of work throughout the development lifecycle.

Our more than 7-year experience of work with customers from all over the world has fine-tuned the process of communication between our team and customers. The communication process includes daily exchange of information between team members (developers, testers, business analytics, and managers) using available electronic means of communication, as well as the on-site work of our specialists. We understand the importance of continuous information exchange among the members of a virtual team for ensuring the results expected by our customers. We strive for on-going communication among developers, business analytics, testers, and managers at all the stages of project development and support.

By choosing Axamit as their outsourcing service provider, our clients not only get great specialists in their area who are ready for integration in the project team and effective interaction, but reduce their development costs.