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Axamit Attending New AEM Online Meetup 2022

Adobe Community is back after the pandemic. Axamit will attend another AEM Online Meetup to uncover the latest updates and share expertise.

Axamit Attending New AEM Online Meetup 2022

AEM Online Meetup 2022 - Adobe Community

On December 23, 2022, 09.00 - 11.00 am EST, Adobe Community will hold another online AEM meetup to discuss the latest updates and share experiences.

This event is for all developers, partners, and clients who want to learn more about Adobe Experience Manager implementations and innovations over the last year. Our team will also dive deep into 3 topics described in more detail below.

Partners from all over the world are invited to join, and we'd love to have you attend live if the time works in your local time zone. Otherwise, you can always contact us to receive our in-depth insights and conference records via email or any other way you see fit.

Aside from the annual Adobe certification, our experts constantly improve their expertise, sharpen their skills, and learn new technologies. We've also built an in-house training center for professional development. And now, we want to share our knowledge, best practices, and insights with you.

This time around, our senior AEM developers will cover the following topics:

Alexey Chernyakov, Senior AEM Engineer
Authoring Kit for AEM and Why We Need Open-Source
Nikita Mitroshin, AEM Lead Developer
AEM and GraphQL for Content Fragments: Overview and Customization.
Pavel Kulikou, Senior AEM Developer
Challenges for Quick Publishing in AEM

Backed by his previous expertise and successful projects, Alexey Chernyakov will quickly overview the Authoring Kit possibilities and share his thoughts on why open source makes us stronger.

Short Contents List:

  1. Setting up an authoring kit for your project. Alexey will describe the critical steps of this process.
  2. Covering core features with detailed instructions and examples.
  3. Explaining why we need open source in the first place. A quick glance at 3 significant reasons.

In his research, Nikita Mitroshin will briefly examine GraphQL, how it's designed in AEM, and how to customize the OOTB implementation.

Short Contents List:

  1. Describing what GraphQL is and uncovering the difference from traditional Rest APIs.
  2. AEM implementation practices and techniques.
  3. Data Schema explanation.
  4. Listing the core AEM GraphQL features.
  5. Persisted queries - definition and key benefits.
  6. GraphQL queries caching.
  7. Why might AEM implementation not be enough? Uncovering the main issue with the OOTB approach.
  8. AEM GraphQL Schema customization
  9. Modifying the Schema and adding the @fetcher directive for the specific field.

Pavel Kulikou will share his insights on optimizing publishing workflow using content fragments and dynamic pages: pros and cons.

Short Contents List:

  1. What it takes for an editor to create a page in AEM? Quick overview of a standard AEM page creation flow: strengths and weaknesses.
  2. Challenges for editors using OOTB content creation workflow. Where can page creation flow be optimized?
  3. Using Content Fragments for Quick Publishing - definition, functionality, benefits.
  4. Introduction to Dynamic Pages (DEMO) - examples, improving publishing time, pros and cons, limitations.

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