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HTML5 combines HTML, CSS and JavaScript and helps developers to build easy-to-use websites and applications which are compatible with all browsers, including those for mobile platforms. When building HTML5 websites for our customers we use professional methodologies of development. Our knowledge allows us to make the most of HTML5 for creating professional web solutions.

Advantages of application development using HTML5:

  • Well-structured websites
  • Easy-to-use web pages navigation
  • Enhanced features in working with video files
  • The canvas element allows rendering complex graphics and animation
  • Availability of geo-positioning services
  • Handy and clear drag & drop
  • Games development
  • Development of mobile applications with complex functionality

Axamit provides services in improvement of existing applications. We can significantly expand the functionality of your application by adding HTML5, such as geo-location services, drag&drop editing, user interface, charts, diagrams, multimedia components and many more.

We are a team of highly qualified specialists who keep up with the latest technologies to ensure the best results of our work.