Axamit - Center of Excellence

Center of Excellence is a training platform for IT professionals created specially at Axamit. Composed on the fundamental methodology, it will give exposure to work with the Adobe Experience Cloud products. Behind every course are theoretical and practical units, midpoint assessments and the final exam. Instructors of the Center are Axamit’s certified developers, which are interacting with the platform every day. 70% of students use to find work related to the new specialization within several months of successfully completing the courses.

How to succeed?

  • Have access to the Internet and 2-3 hours a day for training
  • Register for a course
  • Take a trial lesson and pass a placement test
  • Pay for the course
  • Complete all the lessons and do the practice

Individual training

  • An instructor supervises the entire learning process, checks tasks and answers questions
  • All instructors are Adobe certified developers with extensive experience of large international projects
  • The instructor will adjust the course to your specific learning abilities and performance
  • Individual schedule


Students who complete the course successfully and pass the final exam receive – as a free gift – a course on preparation for "ADOBE EXPERIENCE MANAGER CERTIFICATION" and the opportunity to get certified from the Adobe Сertification Сenter free of charge*.
* - We will pay for the best students on the course to take the Adobe certification exam.
Course for beginners


3 months, 2-3 hours a day
1 year JAVA, Pre-Intermediate English
Course language:
English, Russian

About the Course

The course is designed for people who have no previous experience of AEM technology, but who have working experience of Java and want to build a career in the field of enterprise solutions from Adobe.

After training, you will have the essential knowledge necessary to work with the Adobe Experience Manager platform. We will talk about architecture, teach you the basic principles and approaches of AEM development, you will learn about the best practices and their application, and in practical classes you will solve actual tasks. This course is built to enter the profession, start a career quickly, and become an AEM developer with the possibility of further growth.

Course for developers with AEM experience


3 months, 2-3 hours a day
  • 2 years in JAVA
  • 6 months AEM experience or passed course "WORLD AEM DEVELOPMENT"
  • Pre-Intermediate English
Course language:
English, Russian

About the Course

The course is for those who already have experience in AEM development or have completed our first course for entering the profession, and would like to expand their knowledge to the level of a leading developer.

After completing the course, you will have extensive knowledge needed to work with the Adobe Experience Manager platform and will be able to successfully deal with complex problems on AEM projects. You will learn about building the correct architecture for AEM solutions, we will analyze complicated technological cases and their application on known high-loaded sites, and some of them we will try to solve in practical exercises. This course is designed advance your knowledge and ability to apply it when dealing with complex technological problems.

Adobe Certification Course


3 days, 6 hours a day
Course language:
English, Russian

About the Course

The course is developed for those who want to confirm their professional level with the Adobe certificate and get help preparing for the exam.

The Adobe Experience Manager Certification course will cover everything you need to know in order to successfully pass the exam at the Adobe Certification Center, focusing on preparing answers to all questions in the format required by the exam.




  • AEM Community Speaker
  • Senior Java Developer
  • Adobe Certified AEM Developer


  • Senior AEM Developer
  • Adobe Certified AEM 6 Developer
  • AEM Trainer/Mentor

What level of training will be required for the courses?
The list of minimum requirements for each course is in the course description. You can also take the installation test as a trial lesson. Call us or fill out the registration form for the course and we will contact you.
How to get onto the course that I’m interested in?
Leave a request through the course registration form and we’ll contact you, or you can call our office on +375 (29) 374-5971, +375 (29) 816-2421.
What is the course schedule? I work and I don’t have much free time to attend courses.
There are no schedules, you study online at times that suit you, and receive immediate answers to your questions along with feedback on your assignments and exercises.
Is the certificate issued after graduation?
Yes, we issue the Axamit Center of Excellence Certificate and as soon as you complete the course and pass the final exam, we give a free exam preparation course at the Adobe Certification Center, and we pay for the exam.
Can i take multiple courses at the same time?
We recommend that you read the minimum requirements for each of the courses and choose the one that is most suitable for you. After completing this course, you will then be able to continue your studies at the next level.
i don't have 3 hours a day for training, on some days my time can be limited.
You need 2-3 hours a day. The less time you spend studying each day, the more days it will take to complete the course.