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Java-based Android platform is perfectly suitable for smartphones and used to create innovative dynamic applications.

Axamit designs, develops, tests and implements Android applications. Our team has expertise in Android SDK and API, as well as deep knowledge in Android platform, that can be adapted to VGA, 2D graphic library, 3D graphic library (OpenGL ES 1.0 specification), and traditional smartphone layouts. We develop applications for different areas, such as business, entertainment, communications and many more. Our company develops high-quality, performance-optimized and user-friendly applications.

The Android application development market is evolving very fast, and nowadays one can witness a high demand for specialized applications development for various purposes. Being an open source technology, Android is a flexible platform for the development of applications with abundant functionality. We provide services in high-quality Android applications development at reasonable rates.

The Android development team at Axamit can boast of highly-qualified proactive specialists that are experts in their field. We continuously improve our domain knowledge for the best possible results.