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Adobe Target is a set of optimization solutions that give data-driven marketers the opportunity to experiment and run successful targeted campaigns.
Today’s businesses have greater access to data about customers and customer behavior on the web than ever before. At the same time, customers expect more targeted personalized experiences across a multitude of digital platforms. Adobe Target features allow marketers to meet customer expectations by delivering engaging personalized content that enhances the user experience, carry out A/B or multivariate testing, and more.

Adobe Solution Partner with certified experts

As an Adobe Partner, Axamit has developed and implemented a number of customized cloud-based digital marketing solutions for the Adobe Experience Cloud: Adobe Experience Manager, Adobe Analytics, Adobe Campaign and Adobe Target.
Axamit is a certified Adobe Solution Partner in North America and EMEA with an experienced team that has been working on the platform since 2010.

Target Standard
Target Standard is connected to the Adobe Marketing Cloud and operates as a front-end to Adobe Target. Thanks to the standard option you can create and monitor A/B tests and any marketing activities aimed at attracting your target audience. Target Standard allows you to add custom code to the Visual Experience Composer workflow. Working with Target Standard is easy because of the simple way it can be integrated with any digital device: all actions between Adobe Target and your site are managed by a single line of code embedded in your web page.
Target Premium
Target Premium is an extended version of Target Standard with the addition of new features such as Automated Personalization and Recommendations.
Target Classic
Adobe Target Classic (formerly - Adobe Test & Target) сreates and monitors the performance of complex multivariate and A/B tests. The Classic option is the best solution for marketers as it enables them to control the entire testing process from start to finish, while quickly and easily changing tests if necessary.
Recommendations Classic
Recommendations Classic collects and analyzes data on user activity on the site and automatically shows users content related to products or services they might be interested in. It also helps to attract attention to goods and services they previously knew nothing about, thereby increasing sales as well as overall profit.
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