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Adobe Campaign is a set of flexible and mobile solutions. This innovative technology will enable you to successfully conduct your marketing campaigns in both online and offline modes.
Adobe Campaign is ideal for anyone who wants to organize all their marketing campaigns in one place: email marketing, SMM, targeted advertising, and others. The platform is incredibly easy to use and has a wide selection of features.

Adobe Solution Partner with certified experts

As an Adobe Partner, Axamit has developed and implemented a number of customized cloud-based digital marketing solutions for the Adobe Experience Cloud: Adobe Experience Manager, Adobe Analytics, Adobe Campaign and Adobe Target.
Axamit is a certified Adobe Solution Partner in North America and EMEA with an experienced team that has been working on the platform since 2010.


Our goal is to ensure the successful growth for your business. Adobe Campaign can help you make it happen. Check out the enormous advantages of this unique application, which is flexible and mobile!
Simplify campaign management
Managing cross-channel marketing campaigns is easier than ever when you can coordinate them all with a single tool.
Deliver targeted emails
Maximize the impact of email marketing campaigns by sending customers personalized messages based on their requests and interests.
Automate campaigns
Use the automatic campaign settings feature to enhance efficiency and speed up time to market.
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