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Adobe Analytics is a unique opportunity to gain insights into your customers’ needs and desires. This solution allows you to find prospective clients faster and to dramatically improve the effectiveness of your site.
Adobe Analytics – part of the Adobe Analytics Cloud – facilitates the work of marketers, enabling them to improve all the web site’s important marketing indicators. Analytics also comes with a powerful set of tools, including Reports & Analytics, Analysis Workspace, Report Builder, and Ad Hoc Analysis.

Adobe Solution Partner with certified experts

As an Adobe partner, Axamit has developed and implemented a number of customized digital marketing solutions that are based in the Adobe Experience Cloud: Adobe Experience Manager, Adobe Analytics, Adobe Target and Adobe Campaign.
Axamit is a certified Adobe Solution Partner in North America and EMEA with an experienced team that has been working on the platform since 2010.


Adobe Analytics is the market-leading solution that collects data based on user preferences. It increases the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and improves return on investment. In addition, it is helpful for locating the best sources of targeted traffic and for optimizing overall marketing activity.
Unparalleled custom reporting
Adobe Analytics allows you to record all the actions performed on your site and then create reports using Excel formatting tools specially set up to meet your unique requirements.
Interactive dashboards
The panels show detailed user information – every step your visitors take, what they buy, their profiles and more.
Out-of-the box reporting
Use a set of ready-made reports on customer behavior and preferences.
Easy-to-use interface
Easily customize your analytics interface – choose what to show, what to consider, and what to hide from the panel. This feature significantly reduces the time it takes to analyze large amounts of data.
Long-tail analytics
Adobe analytics provides a vast amount of indicators for detailed analysis that will enable you to build successful marketing campaigns in the future.
Real-time insights
Real-time analysis of your visitors’ online behavior allows you to make timely, cost-effective adjustments to your marketing campaign.
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